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Vase hire for weddings, corporate functions and special events
Hire designer vases without the designer price tag. Select from our high quality range of glass vases, candlesticks, candelabras or lanterns. Perfect for DIY. For complete on the table centrepieces pop over to our dedicated website

Vase hire
Hire item

Table mirrors
Showcase any centrepiece

  • Round mirror (30cm)
  • Round mirror (41cm)
  • Square mirror (30cm)

Hire table mirrors

Round top tealight holder
Clear glass

  • short
  • long life candle included
hire round tealight holders

Shot glass tealight holder
Clear glass

  • tall
  • long life candle included
Hire shot glass tealight holders

White heart tealight
Ideal weddings

  • designer range
  • white ceramic rose design
  • long life tealight candle included
  • 8.5cm x 8.5cm x 2.5cm (H)
Hire white heart tealight holders

Diamond crystal tealight
Upmarket your tables with this beautiful light reflecting tealights

  • delux designer range
  • diamond crystal
  • long life tealight candle included
  • 8cm (D) x 3cm (H)
Hire crystal tealight holders

Tall pearl tealight holder
White encased pearl tealights are great for weddings.

  • white pearl tealight holder
  • long life candle included
Hire pearl tealight holders

Vase floater
Float your tealight candles in any vase.

  • small clear glass
  • long life white tealight included
Hire floating vase holders

Burgundy tealight
Kronos designer range

  • 7cm (H) x 8.5cm (D)
  • long life tealight included
Hire burgundy tealight holders

Burgundy pedestal bowls
Matching tealights available.

  • Krosno designer range
  • 22cm (H) x 30cm (D)
Hire floating bowl candle arrangements

Cylinder posy vase
Contemporary modern design. Ideal for posy bouquets and submersible flowers, 3 in a line set ups etc.

  • quality clear glass
  • 16cm (H) x 8cm (D)
  • top opening is 6cm across
Hire posy vases

Kronos glass bud vase
Ideal for pretty vintage posies or one flower centrepieces.

  • clear glass
  • 12cm (H) x 6.5cm (D)
Small bud and flower posy vase for hire

Rectangular glass vase
Prefect for long tables or the head table.

  • ideal candle or flowers
  • 11cm (H) x 23cm (L) x 8cm (W)
Hire rectangular vases for weddings and events

Square cube glass vase
Contemporary styled to suit modern floral arrangments.

  • ideal candle or flowers
  • 13cm (H) x 13cm (D)
Hire square cube vases

Mosaic mirror vase
Put the glam in your event with this quality mirror vase.

  • silver
  • hire the flower posy
  • 15cm (H) x 10cm (D)
Hire mosiac mirror vases

Mosaic mirror vase
Glam up your event. Just add flowers or tall floral arrangments.

  • silver
  • Very tall
  • weddings or themed events
  • 60cm (H) x 13cm (D)
Hire 60cm tall mosaic mirror vases

Kronos candlesticks
Designer candlesticks

  • hand blown quality glass
  • long life tealight included
  • 35cm (H) x 12cm (W)
Hire candlesticks

Splash hurricane vase
Ideal flowers or candles

  • Krosno designer range
  • beautiful quality glass
  • 24cm (H)x 140cm (D)


Hire hurricane vases

White cube
Perfect for weddings

  • designer range
  • hire the flowers
  • 13cm (H) x 13cm (D)


Hire wedding vases

Le Garden vintage vases
Perfect for weddings. 2 sizes available

  • designer range
  • hint of pink or hint of green
  • wired top for easy placement of flowers
  • $8.50 for large size


Hire vintage vases



Squat vase
Elegant vessel for candles or flowers

  • designer range
  • 15cm (H) x 18cm (D)



Hire squat vases

Flare posy vase
Beautiful for any flower posy arrangement

  • designer range
  • 16.5cm (H) x 16cm (D)



Hire flower posy vases for candles

Giant tall brandy vase
Designer range - ideal weddings

  • designer range
  • 50cm (H) x 17cm top opening
  • holds 5kg of wrapped sweets



Hire giant brandy vases

Tall cylinder stem vase
Perfect for weddings

  • candle or flowers
  • designer range
  • 50cm (H) x 11.5cm (D)



Hire tall cylinder stem vases

Cylinder vase
Versatile vase for submersible flowers

  • candle or flowers
  • designer range
  • 30cm (H) x 12.5cm (D)



Hire cylinder vases

Slender belly vase
Tall vase suitable submersible flowers

  • ideal submersible flowers
  • designer range
  • 60cm (H) x 15cm (D)



Hire slender belly vases

Glass urn vase
Ideal for weddings and corporate events

  • 26cm (H)
  • 20cm(top opening)
  • base. 15cm.



glass urn vase for hire

Ideal for weddings and corporate events

  • candles / flowers
  • 14cm (H) x 19cm (D)



Hire designer fishbowl vases

Splash designer fishbowl
Quality glass vase from the Splash range of designer vases.

  • candles/ flowers
  • Splash designer range
  • 21cm x 25cm (D)



Hire designer large fishbowl vases

Tall eiffel tower vases
Two sizes available. Perfect for tall flower arrangements or feathers.

  • single flower
  • reed like arrangements
  • 50cm (H) x 15cm (D)
  • 75cm (H) x 15cm (D)
Hire eiffel tower vases

Tall white eiffel tower vase
Perfect for feather or flower centrepieces

  • available in white
  • available in clear
  • ostrich feathers available for hire
  • 75cm (H) x 15cm (D)
Hire white eiffel tower vases

Tall cone shaped vase
Ideal for weddings and corporate events where height is important

  • Cone top vase
  • 60cm (H) x 13cm (D)
Hire cone vases

Tall square vase
Ideal weddings and corporate events

  • different heights available
Hire short and tall square vases

Flower cocktail vase
Beautiful vase for floating exotic flowers and floating andles

  • candles and flowers
  • designer range - wide rim
  • 16.5cm (H) x 16cm (D)
Hire wide rimmed vases

Martini vase
Popular for themed events and weddings

  • ideal candles and flowers
  • designer range
  • 50cm (H)



Hire giant martini vases

Splash trumpet vase
Perfect for large reed like arrangments

  • Splash designer range
  • 65cm (H) x 10.5cm (D)



Hire giant trumpet vases

Kronos vintage green vase
Ideal vintage weddings

  • Krosnos designer range
  • Quality hand blown glass
  • Top opening is 13mm
  • 65cm (H)



Hire vintage green vases

Giant white vase
Ideal weddings, church aisle, white pathway, steps etc

  • Krosnos designer range
  • 48cm (H)



Hire giant white vases

Vintage china
Ideal weddings and events

  • teacup, saucer and plate trios
  • teacup candles
  • teacup and flowers
  • vintage cake stands


Hire vintage china teacups and saucers

White lanterns
Ideal outdoor weddings or themed events

  • white bamboo
  • long life candle or LED supplied
  • 17cm (H) x 17cm (D)




Hire white bamboo lanterns

Tall black candlesticks
Ideal Casino, Gangster and Los Vegas themed events

  • black iron with clear crystal
  • long life candle included
  • candle no bigger than 6cm
  • 61cm (H)



Hire black candlesticks

Ideal weddings and corporate events

  • polished silver
  • matching candelabra available


Hire silver candlesticks

Ideal weddings and corporate events

  • polished silver
  • matching candlestick available
  • 60cm (H)


Hire silver candelabras

Vase fillers
Ideal centrepieces

  • white stones
  • riverstones (mixed colours)
  • sand
  • white sand
  • seashells
  • sea glass
  • starfish



Hire stones, pebbles, sand etc
View our
dedicated centrepieces website

for on the table designs

Hire quality hire vases for less
Phone 09-303-2424 or email
On confirmation of your order we will email your invoice. We accept all major credit cards and direct bank details will be on your invoice.

Pick up or delivery
YES! You can pick up your hire vases from our central CBD location or we can deliver for a small charge.

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