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Helium balloon centrepieces for corporate tables
Table decor is one of the first items people see when they enter a room. So, theming your tables with balloons is a great way of creating an instant party atmosphere. Price guide: Allow $15 per table for 3 latex balloons attached to a dressed weight and bow (sweets included).

3 balloon table bouquets

Three balloon table centrepieces — $15 each (click on image for larger view)
Dress up your event tables with your corporate colours. Price guide: 3 helium balloons attached to a dressed weight and finished with a matching bow (sweets included).

Themed balloon centrepieces for events $25 each
We can put the 'theme' in your event (James Bond, Hollywood, Gangster, Casino, Mardi Gras, Under the sea etc).

Hollywood balloons

Hollywood themed balloons or any theme you want
Hollywood balloons or any themed balloons can be incorporated into balloon centrepieces or floor bouquets for your tables or room decor.

Masquerade balloon centrepieces

Masquerade balloon centrepieces for event tables
Balloons are ideal for themed centrepieces, floor bouquets and general event decor. Mix and match plain, printed and foil star balloons for a fun effect.

Casino themed balloon bouquets, Auckland CBD

Casino helium balloon centrepieces just $15 per table
Balloon centrepieces instantly transform a venue into an event. Select 3 helium balloons (any colours) for just $15 or 2 plain and 1 printed topper balloon for just $16. Includes matching dressed balloon weight with a bow. Add a casino foil balloon (20 inches) for just $10.

Mouse over to view balloons with colour

Theme your tables with foil balloons — From $25
Selecting a topper foil balloon for your balloon centrepieces can add the 'WOW factor' to your tables. We have hundreds of theming balloons (Disco, Masquerade, Casino, Underwater, Disney etc). Each balloon bouquet will have two coordinating latex balloons. All table centrepieces come attached to a dressed balloon weight and include sweets. Price guide: Allow: $25+ per table.

Themed balloon centrepieces, Auckland

Theme your birthday or event with helium balloon centrepieces
Whether it's a 1st, 21st or 50th birthday - there's a great assortment of balloon colours and printed themed balloons. It's a great way to personalise a birthday party for someone special!

Kids party balloons

Themed kids parties
Kids parties can be themed with all kinds of different balloons. They can be used as table centrepieces or floor bouquets. Price guide: Allow $35 each butterfly bouquet.

Wedding balloons

Wedding balloon centrepieces
Dress your wedding tables in style with our beautiful star or heart foil balloon centrepieces. Select the colours from our balloon colour chart

Hyatt helium balloon decorations

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