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Spectacular giant number and letter balloons
Megaloons are 1 metre high and come in any letter of the alphabet or number. Filled with helium they will last for over a week. A great way to spell out your company name or message. Number balloons are perfect for special birthday milestones. Ideal for product launches, celebrations and kids parties.

Giant 1 metre foil number balloons

Send a giant 8ft balloon bouquet - $85
Giant number or letter balloon bouquets are a joy to receive. They consist of one large letter or number (or maybe two if it's a 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th etc) and lots of other funky balloons (birthday, anniversary etc). Price guide: 1 number or letter. $85. Two numbers or letters. $135.

Giant letter balloons

Spell out a name or message
Giant number or letter balloons are great for spelling out company names or birthday milestone. They can be incorporated into balloon arches for entrances or used across the stage at corporate events.

Giant helium balloon bouquet

Giant helium balloon bouquets
This giant balloon bouquet was created with the giant number 4 and 2 with lots of black and white balloons for 42 Below.

Giant number balloons

Giant number balloons (1 metre tall)
Giant number balloons are perfect for theming a party room. Float them behind the main table or by a stage. We also have giant letter balloons for names too!

Alphabet balloons and number balloons

Decorate your event with giant letters or numbers
There are so many ways giant alphabet foil balloons and numbers can be incorporated into event decorating adding a big impact for your party guests. Ask our decorating team what they can do for your party.

Balloon decor using number balloons

Order your giant number or alphabet balloon today
Let us decorate your corporate event in style. Just select your favourite balloon colours and we'll do the rest.

Giant L letter balloon bouquet in gold

Message card included
All balloon bouquets include a "Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Celebrate etc" message card. Just tell us what you would like to say.

7 day a week delivery (365 days a year)
We deliver Auckland wide everyday. Select a morning or afternoon delivery to suit.

We accept all major credit cards
We accept all major credit cards and direct bank details will be supplied on your invoice.

Credit cards

Place your balloon order today
Send someone your best wishes today. Orders can be placed by phone or email.

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