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Birthday balloons and birthday balloon decor
Balloons says PARTY like no other decoration.
Let me guide you through a selection of the many designs that can be created by our skillful event decorators.

Helium balloon centrepiece special

Helium balloon centrepiece for birthday parties
Helium balloons (3) on a dressed weight with a bow. Ideal for centrepieces or floor bouquets.

Party balloons

Helium balloon room decor
Just order one of our helium balloon specials and you can create this party look yourself (image above). This balloon decor was created with just 50 helium balloons let loose in a room and a few balloons tied to balloon floor weights. Price guide: $135 + small delivery charge.

It's not the age it's the attitude balloons

It's not the age — it's the attitude (40th birthday party)
This fun balloon bouquet was created for a 40th birthday party! Giant 8ft birthday balloon bouquets were themed to suit the ocassion. Price guide: Giant attitude balloon bouquet: $85.

Large birthday number balloons

Birthday party balloon decor and giant 1 metre number balloons
Birthday parties are a lot of fun and can be themed to suit. Our giant number balloons are ideal for entrances and room decor. 5ft fantasy tower and 1 metre number balloon. Price guide: $110.

Balloon columns

Balloon columns (8ft tall) themed to suit your party!
Balloon columns add height and impact at any event. Ideal for entrances and positioning either side of a stage, lining a walkway or at the four corners of a stage. Balloon columns can be any colour and often include a spiral design, topped with a large feature balloon (happy birthday, number, letter, star or heart balloon etc).

Celebration champagne bottle and balloon in a balloon

Giant celebration balloon bouquet (8ft tall) $85
This giant celebration champagne sparkles and has star clusters attached to it. Themed to any age it will contain a balloon in a balloon design and lots of other funky helium balloons. Perfect as a birthday gift or theming a party room.

Giant 1 metre foil  letter balloons

Say it with giant 1 metre letter balloons
A special birthday can be celebrated by incorporating a name or a number (21st) in a balloon arch. Ideal for entrances and over a stage or dance floor.

Birthday balloon bouquets

Giant 8ft birthday balloon bouquets
Oversize balloon bouquets make the ideal room decor as they can be themed to suit. They also make great birthday gifts (free message card included). Price guide: $85.

Celebration balloon bouquets

Giant 8ft celebration balloon bouquets
We love balloons and believe that life should be full of celebrations and great memories. Let us create a celebration balloon bouquet for your special ocassion. Price guide: $85.

Birthday celebration balloon bouquet

Let us decorate your event in style with balloons! Contact us today.

VPink flamingos lawn ornaments for flocking a friend, Auckland Hire

Flock a friend or family member with our pink flamingos
Hire our DIY Flamingo pack which includes 20 pink lawn flamingos and a personalised lawn sign. Watch the surprise as your relative or friend wakes up to a garden full of pink flamingos and a personalised message from you. Great for all ages! 4 day hire. Hire price $99.

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